Start CPR 1st has Phoenix CPR Classes, CPR Phoenix AZ, short drive from CPR classes Scottsdale AZThings to Know about Phoenix CPR Classes

If you have made the decision to attend Phoenix CPR classes, you must be feeling both nervous and excited. Getting equipped with CPR techniques empowers you; you can save someone’s life should the occasion present itself. Here are some things that you should know about CPR classes.

Phoenix CPR classes are conducted in schools, government hospitals and even in offices. Usually, the instructor will be a certified American Heart Association professional or even a nurse or a doctor. During the class, the participants are taught how to identify a victim of a cardiac arrest. They are also trained on how to perform chest compressions and how to focus on hands only CPR. In some instances, the participants will be shown how to use special devices for artificial respiration.

For demonstrations, the instructor will use mannequins that contain special features. For instance, the mannequins contain a button which shows you how much pressure you are applying during chest compressions. They also have led light indicators which will show students that they are compressing to the correct depth and rate.

Phoenix CPR classes are designed with the participants in mind. This means that classes for medical personnel will differ from those for laypersons. For instance, the CPR course for medical personnel such as first responders is centered on the use of breathing devices for artificial respirations. Medical personnel are also required to complete a multiple choice exam in order to qualify for certification; while this is not mandatory if you are learning CPR as a layperson.

CPR classes can either be undertaken in a classroom setting or online. A lot of people prefer to take their Phoenix CPR classes online because of the convenience of learning in the comfort of their homes. You can also refer to the video demonstrations whenever you wish. You will then meet with the instructor after you complete the online course. In a classroom setting, it is not practical to expect the instructor to repeat the demonstrations over and over again.

There are companies and organizations that make it compulsory to attend CPR classes. Such organizations will offer CPR classes at the workplace all the employees are usually required to attend. For instance, Hospitals and EMT’s require that their members have CPR knowledge. Having CPR knowledge is also crucial if you are looking to be a lifeguard.

Phoenix CPR classes will usually be offered over a period of 4 hours. In order to demonstrate that you have qualified to offer CPR, you will need to pass the theory bit and the hands-on part of the examination. If you are already CPR certified, you need to take a refresher’s course every two years.

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