Should CPR Classes Be Mandatory In Schools


In 27 states across America, CPR classes are one of the main requirements for graduating high school. However, there is still much to be done since only a few of those states allow some form of Heartsaver CPR classes, most are not strict enough in ensuring that all the students take these classes. This continues to fuel the debate on whether or not CPR training should be included in the school syllabus, which we strongly believe, should be made mandatory due to the following reasons.


CPR Trained Bystanders Are More Willing To Take Action


Even though an adolescent student has limited chances of encountering situations where a victim requires CPR, increasing the total number of CPR-trained people will increase the chances of a victim promptly receiving life-saving procedures. These students can also be present in emergency situations in their own homes, and they can save lives by applying the knowledge they gained from the CPR class. Hence, one method of improving the community’s response to any health-related emergency like heart attack, then enhancing the CPR trained population must happen.


Instant CPR from A Bystander Saves Lives


With over eight out of ten cardiac arrests occurring outside hospital, getting immediate CPR becomes a matter of life and death. In fact, more than 85% of heart attacks occur at home when the victims are not around trained healthcare employees. However, with CPR Classes, Basic Life Support classes and First Aid classes, being taught in school, it means that the community is effectively adding its list of possible first responders in the case of any emergency.


More Trained Students Means Better Chances to Continue Training after School


When more students and teachers take CPR Classes, Basic Life Support classes and First Aid classes, they may get inspired to continue training all through their lives. The realization of the effects of CPR in saving lives may make students feel more compelled us that personal duty and knowledge throughout their lives. It should ideally be a culture where CPR classes are just as important to the educational system like history and geometry.


At Start CPR 1st, we believe that if CPR Classes, Basic Life Support classes, and First Aid classes were all mandatory, then our communities would stand to reap the rewards. There would be more bystanders who are confident and able to offer instant CPR, potentially helping to save many lives.


If your state or school does not require CPR Classes, Basic Life Support classes and First Aid classes in Phoenix or you simply want to get re-certified, contact us today and learn how to save lives!