There are instances in which you are required to take CPR classes. However, there are different types of classes to choose from. You can get CPR, BLS and first aid classes from the  American Heart Association here at Start CPR 1st in Phoenix.

Sometimes it can seem difficult to choose the right CPR class. Below are a couple things to help you.

When choosing among CPR classes, you should determine which type of certification you need. You can choose between a standard (lay persons) and a healthcare BLS provider class. It is important to consider whether the certification should be focus on children and infants as well.

Which CPR Class do You Need?

For most people, a standard CPR certification is all they need. It is simply known as CPR for the layperson. Professions that require this type of certification includes teacher, camp counselor, personal trainer, babysitter, nursing home employee, nanny, construction worker, daycare worker, and a lot more.

Healthcare providers are required to take advanced CPR classes (BLS Provider). Professions that require a healthcare provider CPR certification include nurse (RN), medical assistant, hospital technician, dental assistant, EMT, physical and occupational therapists, firefighter, paramedic, dentist, respiratory therapist, and more.

Who Needs an AED Certification?

It is also important to know whether AED certification is included or not. AED is short for Automated External Defibrillator, which is a mobile defibrillator made for public use. Most CPR classes should include AED training. However, not all places teach how to operate the AED. Here at Start CPR 1st all our CPR classes include AED hands-on training.

Child and Infant CPR Certification

There are some people who require CPR certification that focuses on children and infants. These include daycare workers and foster parents. The American Heart Association (AHA) offers CPR classes on infant, child, and adult. Just look for the AHA Heartsaver CPR AED with or without First Aid on our website.

Organizations that Offer CPR Classes

There are several organizations that provide certification courses in CPR. The two most preferred organizations are the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. When required to get a CPR certification, you should know that most all organizations accept the nationally recognized American Heart Association certifications.


When signing up for a class just click on our classroom courses tab to see a list of upcoming CPR classes