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Which CPR Class is Right for Me?

Jul 14th 2020

There are instances in which you are required to take CPR classes. However, there are different types of classes to choose from. You can get BLS, CPR and first aid classes from the American Heart Association and American Safety & Health here at Start CPR 1st in Phoenix.Sometimes it may be difficult to figure out which training is required for your job. Do not fear we are here to help clear up any common misconceptions. The info-graphic below shows the most common CPR training courses. After a brief explanation of each, you can see which jobs require what course. Some training standards and re
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Staying CPR | BLS | First Aid Certified during the Coronavirus -COVID-19

Posted by Instructor on Jun 19th 2020

Staying CPR | BLS | First Aid Certified during the Coronavirus -COVID-19
In the time of a global pandemic there has never been a greater need to learn CPR. Many of us citizens are doing our part to help reduce/stop the spread. Many of us have been asked to quarantine or stay-at-home to stop the spread, but it also involves us knowing how to administer live saving skills should a situation arise. Hospitals are reaching high capacities so it is imperative that bystanders have the skills to aid, if a life threatening situation arises.  There are many of you who have already been trained and certified in CPR or BLS and are needing to renew your certifications
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COVID-19 Notice

Apr 5th 2020

Start CPR 1st is currently still holding classes. The health and safety of our students and Instructors is our top priority. We encourage all students to: Practice good hygiene, including washing your hands regularly with soap and water or use hand sanitizer before and after the course.Cover your coughs and sneezes.Refrain from touching your face, mouth, eyes and nose.If you are sick and/or showing symptoms, please do not attend class and let us know you need to reschedule.Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.We always follow strict decontamination and disease prevent
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BLS Skills Testing

Jun 12th 2019

WHAT TO EXPECT...Upon arrival, you will be asked to present your Part 1 online Certificate of Completion. You can also email it to the office before class. Please confirm it was received. SKILLS PRACTICE AND TESTINGPlease make sure you're comfortable performing the following skills:Chest CompressionsPocket-mask ventilationsBag-mask ventilationUse of the AED (defibrillator)Your instructor will test your skills by having you to perform a scenario without any assistance or intervention from the instructor. Once the adult check-off is complete, you'll then follow the same process for the infa
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​CPR, First Aid Classes and Online CPR Certification

Jul 31st 2018

The Internet makes it easier to acquire skills, get an education and even earn a degree in today’s world. Getting a certification in any field has become way easier than it was in the last decade. Several educational and learning institutions have online portals for CPR Classes that can be accessed by interested persons from across the country. For example, the American Heart Association offers E-Learning blending courses.CPR certification is available for anyone who registers for the course. The online portion can be completed on average in about 1.5 hours. Then users will need to com
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What is the difference between ASHI CPR AED and AHA Heartsaver training here in PHOENIX?

Jul 30th 2018

    There are instances in which you are required to take CPR classes. However, there are different types of classes to choose from. You can get BLS classes from the American Heart Association here at Start CPR 1st in Phoenix. We also offer CPR and First Aid classes from the American Safety and Health Institute.Sometimes it can seem difficult to choose the right CPR class. Below are a couple things to help you.When choosing among CPR classes, you should determine which type of certification you need. You can choose between a standard (lay persons) and a healthcare BL
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