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​CPR, First Aid Classes and Online CPR Certification

Jul 30th 2018

The Internet makes it easier to acquire skills, get an education and even earn a degree in today’s world. Getting a certification in any field has become way easier than it was in the last decade. Several educational and learning institutions have online portals for CPR Classes that can be accessed by interested persons from across the country. For example, the American Heart Association offers E-Learning blending courses.

CPR certification is available for anyone who registers for the course. The online portion can be completed on average in about 1.5 hours. Then users will need to complete a hands-on skills session at the Phoenix AHA Training site Start CPR 1st. Those who prefer traditional class study can enroll for the classroom option here at Start CPR 1st in Phoenix.

Health provider CPR classes are also available online and use the latest eSimulation technology to enable students to assess and treat patients in virtual healthcare settings.

The reach of online CPR courses is appreciated by:

  • Schools, Individuals, and workplaces
    • Medical and health practitioners
    • Professional Rescue teams
    • Sports, Pets and Wildlife personnel
  • ...and many more.

    The need for first aid care and/or CPR can arise at school, work or at home. Having different options for ways to learn CPR is important because of this.

    Professional rescue teams such as those on emergency services have a must-know requirement of CPR if they are ever going to be employed. This without doubt means that people have to get certified in CPR by a credible organization such as the American Heart.

    Those who complete CPR courses can work with first aid-giving organizations, ambulance, emergency services, hospitals and paramedic groups. They are the first contact in most emergencies before medical specialists like Nurses and Doctors get on the scene or have access to the patients. The relevance of such groups to complete CPR from a credible organization like the American Heart is essential to their success.

    The flexibility of online courses makes it easier for people who already have a job or tight on existing schedules, to complete the training of their choice without having to become an all-day student or suffer disruptions to their day-time schedule. The skills portion of the online course is simple and easy. Once you complete the hands on testing with an Instructor, you will receive your certification. For these reasons, people are at liberty to choose the schedule for their online courses and can adjust their availability accordingly. Contact Start CPR 1st today to see which option works best for you.

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